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Engineering, Re-engineering, Reverse-engineering


Lanxys provide different kinds of engineering services, based on your project status and product requirements:

Engineering and optimization:
Before to launch the start button, think about your TCO target, and confirm your are in line with current and future target.
Your product can be optimized in different aspect, different ways, all depending on your criteria.
For example, we optimized the weight and assembly of a wheelchair. The frame weight was reduced by 30% without changing the material and without impact on strength, plus, 6 components were cancelled from the BOM (the list of components), reducing by the way the investment amount needed for industrialization. Total cost reduction: 16%

Your product can be affected by some problem that generate a lower user experience.
We can analyze your product composition, assembly, material... and give it a new start.
For example: we re-engineered a para-medical device to improve user experience and decrease cost.
The product volume was decrease by 10%, components reduced by 20% and functionality improve considerably.

Many situations can bring you to reverse-engineering: old mold broken, replica of a product, scaling of a product...
We are equipped with efficient scanners that allow a precision between +/-0.01mm and +/-0.05mm depending of the size of your product.
For example, we performed reverse-engineering design for a stroller accessory which molds were severely damaged by flood.
We scanned all the components one by one, generated their 3D drawings, rechecked the matching. After customer confirmation, we generate the 2D drawings with specs for new molds making. Thanks to combination with Speed Molding, within a month, all included, the customer received his first batch from new molds, avoiding shortage in their warehouse.


OEM Development

Lanxys provides a full OEM design service.

Our team can help you for the product design, packaging design, and of course take in charge the engineering development and be accountable for planning!
Our quality team will assess you to define clearly the product requirements for testing or certification compliance.


Why not making EOM directly with a factory?

When you start a product development with a factory, it means that this specific supplier will make the production. Few suppliers in LCC have real ability in product development as we understand it in Europe and USA.
Their development team may not be qualified for your requirements and your project will suffer long delay, trouble to reach expected level, and perhaps your relations with this supplier will deteriorate. Anyway, your time to market will be postponed, and your team will not be able to put the project on track again.

What the advantage of external OEM development?

There are plenty of advantages...two of them are always true:
You will be able to develop your product without limitation of technologies, as we have a wider knowledge than a factory (we are always on surveys regarding new technologies, more efficient production process, safer process…)
Once your product is ready, you will be able to choose the best supplier for manufacturing


ODM Customization

The main challenge when purchasing ODM* products is to give to this product enough differentiation compared with basic vendor's version, in order to ensure its success!

Customization can be a simple branding and colouring of the proposed item, with packaging adaptation.

Customization can also be a technical change to ensure product conformity to a standard.

In ultimate case, customization can be to provide an even higher user value, an extremely personalized experience... within an affordable budget (for your customers with a good production cost, but also for your company with a lower investment needed)


However, most of the time, your vendor will not be able to reach your target (lack of engineering support, knowledge, poor supply chain management, too low cost raw material, failure in quality management...)

Get the support of our engineers and experts, and ensure the success of your strategy!


* ODM products: products developed by a factory or vendor, and for which you get the right or license to sell in a defined area