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Manufacturing Assembly

Assembly is the last step to get a final product.

Before arriving to the assembly area, and at each step, we proceed to incoming quality inspection of the componentsor material.

Assembly line or ilot are organized to finalize your item, with specific working instructions.

To provide you the best result in term of cosmetic, strength and durability, we are able to assemble your product with many kinds of solutions: screw, ultra-sonic welding, clip, glue…

The electronic integrated products will be submitted to systematic tests at the end of the line.

After important assembly step, a QC is done to ensure that the quality is in line with expectation, and to avoid further operations if the step has not been done correctly.

Finally, your product will be packed and sealed before sending to the warehouse, awaiting for further shipment.


To ensure a higher traceability, the product can be marked during this process, or with label, or with laser engraving.

As marking is sometimes not enough for traceability of safety items, we develop specific testing tools which analyze the results and memorize them. The data are analyzed with SPC, in order to found out any production deviation.

For each batch of production, we will sort out, randomly or with specific frequency, a few samples. These samples will be tested following a specific control plan, with destructive tests, to confirm that the limits of usage of the product are in line with requirements.